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District Wide Broadcast Message

Andrew P. Hill High School (AHHS) was one of the first schools to open in the East Side Union High School District and is the only district high school to offer the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Program. Andrew P. Hill serves a culturally, academically, and economically diverse community. Students speak more than thirteen different languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Academically, students can participate in a variety of pathways/academies:  Health and Human Services (Medical Magnet) Pathway, Multimedia Academy, Puente Project and Social Justice Academy.

Our mission is to educate the whole student.  We ensure an outstanding, dynamic learning environment where our students succeeds.  We recognize and nurture the unique talents and gifts of our students as individuals.  We vigorously prepare our students to graduate as morally and ethically responsible lifelong learners with the ability to earn a post-secondary degree, succeed in the 21st century workforce, and effectively support a diverse global society.

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Current 8th graders!  Are you curious to see what high school is like?  Do you want to spend a day as a high school student?  If so, sign up for one of our shadow days!  You will be paired with a current high school student and see what life at Andrew Hill is like!

Falcon Way RecognitionTop of Page

Each month, eight (8) students are acknowledged for exemplifying the Falcon Way.  This month's students are:
Attendance: You Matter!
     - Patrick Huynh
     - Andrea Castro
Attitude: Actions Matter!
     - Saul Garcia
     - Carolina Archundia
Academics: Learning Matters!
     - Hector E. Rodriguez
     - Gema Ngo
All three (3) A's
     - Mani Ebrahimi
     - Alina Tran
Thank you to these students as well as all students who model the Falcon Way!

Falcon Way Staff RecognitionTop of Page

Each month, three (3) staff members are acknowledged for exemplifying the Falcon Way.  This month's staff members are:
Attendance: You Matter!
     - Karen Johnson for helping students in all subject matters and through their personal social needs.
Attitude: Actions Matter!
     - Kathi Farmer for consistently supporting students and staff with any concerns and projects.
Academics: Learning Matters!
     - Srijana Shrestha for constantly supporting students through the process of math even if she is not their current teacher.
Thank you to these staff members as well as all students who model the Falcon Way!

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Falcon Gear
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