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ELAC (English-Learner Advisory Committee) is a committee compromised of parents, staff, and community members specifically designed to advise school officials on the English Learner Program services. ELAC advises the Principal and School Community on programs and services for English Learners.

During the ELAC meetings, discussions of the EL program and EL program goals. Parents will learn common core standards, curriculum, district, state, and federal laws. In addition, each meeting covers topics designed to provide your family with the tools to help your teen be college and career ready. Overall, the ELAC committee is important because ELAC makes direct recommendations to the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  ELAC is also, our monthly evening Parent meeting open to all Andrew P. Hill High School Parents. 

The meetings take place at 5-6 PM in the Big Basin Conference Room in the Student Union.  Meetings agendas are included below: