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Attendance Policy
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Maintaining good attendance is essential for maximizing academic achievement as it lays the foundation for success in school and later in life.  Attendance is one of the biggest indicators of student success. 

Every student must be in school unless it is necessary for him/her to be absent due to illness, medical/dental appoint, court subpoena, or the funeral of an immediate family member.

When a student is absent, the student’s parent/guardian must contact the attendance office to report the absence.  Should the student be absent for an extended period of them, please notify the attendance office as soon as possible.  Please remember, school attendance is mandatory, mutiple cases of unexcused absences are reported to the School Attendance Review Board and ultimately to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. Students who use school time to take family vacations not only take funds away from our school, but can also be cited for truancy.

How To Report An Absence
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If your student is ill and/or unable to attend school, please report their absence to the attendance office by 8:30am.  You can report an absence through the following:

  • Call and leave a message to the Attendance Office
    • Student Last Name (A-M) - Ms. Rose Sandoval at (408) 347-4108
    • Student Last Neme (N-Z) - Ms. Rachel Geary at (408) 347-4122