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Andrew Hill provides a wide range of courses to enable students the opportunity to explore their interests while meeting four-year university requirements as well as high school graduation requirements.  Students are able to challenge themselves by taking International Baccalaureate (IB) Program course during their 11th and 12th grade years as well as enrolling in Advancement Placement (AP) courses starting their 10th grade year.  For more information, contact your student’s counselor.

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East Side Union High School District is providing FREE tutoring through Paper, an on-demand, 24/7 online tutoring service, to support your academic success.  Tutors are available 24/7 for most subjects--so you can study on your own schedule.
When you connect to Paper you'll be able to:
    • Connect with a friendly, highly quailified expert tutor in an online classroom
    • Drop off an essay for review and receive detailed feedback
    • View replays and transcripts of your previous sessions
    • Save your favorite tutors and schedule future sessions
    • Access services from your PC, mobile phone, or tablet
Tutors are available to assist you in hundreds of subjects, including:
    *  English                         *  Math
    *  Writing                         *  Physics
    *  Social Sciences           *  And more!
To access Paper follow the instructions below:
    1.  Login to ARMS (
    2.  Under Applications, click Paper  
For more information, check out these resources:
We hope you find this resource beneficial, and we encourage you to take advantage of tutoring whenver you need the extra help!

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Student Support Team (SST)
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Instructional Support Team (IST) referral is for students who struggle with academics in school.  Parents/Guardians or staff can fill and submit the referral.  Once, the referral is submitted, the SST coordinator will meet with the student, parents, and teachers to design a plan that would help the student to be successful in school.