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Puente Program

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Puente Mission
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The PUENTE High School Program is designed to help students graduate from high school, become college eligible, and enroll in college through the efforts and support provided by a PUENTE-trained team. Our team aims to create a “familia” that will support each other in high school as well as in the process of planning for college.

 Puente students take an accelerated 9th and 10th grade sequence of college preparatory English with the same Puente-trained teacher, who integrates Latino and multicultural literature into the district’s mandated core curriculum.

 The Puente counselor monitors student progress towards college readiness and motivates students to be successful in high school. The Puente counselor ensures that students engage in leadership and cultural activities and leads them on visits to a range of colleges and universities. The Puente counselor regularly engages parents in workshops focused on supporting their children in their college and career goals.

Students can apply for Puente by completing an application during the last semester of their 8th grade year. To receive more information about Puente and how to apply, please contact Ms. Gonzalez-Jones at 408.347.4334 or by email: