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Multimedia Academy

By: Jorge Olazaba (2016)

By: Ryan Nguyen

By: Ngoc Nguyen

By: Mariana Trujillo Teves

By: Lisa Duong

By: Juan Perez

By: Jorge Olazaba

By: Alberto Flores

2021-22 Visual Arts Presentation
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The Andrew Hill Multimedia Academy provides a diverse learning experience focusing on multimedia skills and their career application.  Academy teachers embed multimedia skills into core academic courses in preparation for careers.  Multimedia Academy students will apply their knowledge of 21st century media to create and design artwork.

Vision StatementTop of Page

The Andrew Hill Multimedia Academy looks to educate students with innovative mindsets and cutting edge skills that will make them be leaders in their field. They will also be community minded and the students, both past and present, will help the program move forward and into the future.

A Day In The Life Of A Multimedia StudentTop of Page

Everyday, their lives are immersed in the arts not just in their elective courses, but also in English and Social Studies classes. Art and visual concepts are embedded in the critical thinking questions that are an aspect of their English, Social Studies, and CTE classes.  Students also learn visual thinking skills that can be applied both in the visual arts and other academic fields. They will be exposed to industry through field trips and guest speakers.

Student entering as freshmen will be cohorted (enrolled in classes with each other) for English 1 and Ethnic Studies course. There will be projects where they get to express their lives visually, as well as reflect on their culture and community through focused studies. In preparation for multimedia courses, the students will begin learning the language of expression, to frame their visual work with descriptive language.

During sophomore year, students will have Multimedia 1, English 2, and World History.  They will have cross curricular projects in which they will execute artwork on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Junior year courses will include Digital Photo 1, English 3, and US History. They will learn how to manipulate an image to express the message they want the viewer to absorb. uAt the end of the year, they will take an Abode certification test for Photoshop in hopes of obtaining a nationally recognized certificate before they leave the program.

Their final year, they will be cohorted in Multimedia 3 (Digital Video Production), English IB SL, and Economics/American Government.  Along with their coursework, they will be collecting material to assemble their professional portfolios, which can be used for future endeavours including a mock interview with an industry professional. In IB SL course, students discuss the symbiotic relationship we have with mass media, as both producers and recipients of content. Awareness of rhetoric, history of mass media, and influences and concepts will help them consider the changing landscape as they enter their professional roles.


Pathway Course SequenceTop of Page

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

English 1

English 2

English 3

English IB SL


World History

US History

American Government/


Ethnic Studies


Digital Photo

Multimedia 3

**Classes listed above will be taken as part of the Multimedia Pathway and will be taken with a pathway teacher along with fellow pathway students.