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2024 1st place winners: Andy Dieu (Health Informatics) and Noreen Vu (Dental Terminology)

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General Information
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The Medical Magnet Program (also known as the Health and Human Services Pathway) prepares students for a career in the healthcare field by offering the following:
  • Linked core subject area courses
    •  Students are in classes with other program students with one of our Medical Magnet team teachers.  There is a medical focus in addition to the completion of subject area content standards.
  • Academic support throughout high school
    • The Medical Magnet team teachers and counselor work together to develop students academic improvement plans, promote tutoring and other academic services offered on campus, implement cross-curricular projects, attend professional development opportunities, and collaborate on new strategies to better suppose our students
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Health classes
    • The CTE classes focus on combining career and academic skills with a healthcare specific focus
  • Duel-Enrollment opportunities
    •  Students earn other high school and college credits while enrolled as Evergreen College students.  These classes are completed on Andrew Hill's campus and/or online
  • Concurrent enrollment opportunities
    • An example of this is the Certified Nurse Assistant summer program through Evergreen College, where students attend a six week course (tuition free) and test for their state CNA license
  • Work-based learning opportunities
    • The opportunities, provided with the help of our various industry partners who have connections to the healthcare field.  Since we aim to offer as many career exploration opportunities as possible, we are constantly building our network, which includes traditional medical roles such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses as well as branching out to careers less commonly associated with the medical field, such as medical supplies sales representatives and firefighters.
  • Certifications and licenses
    • Students can earn various certifications/licenses that are offered throughout each grade level including: hands-only CPR, CPR and first aid, blood pressure certification, Certified Nurse Assistant license, mental health first aid, and more.
    • Online OSHA Training Courses
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Instagram and Twitter: @ahmedicalmagnet