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Social Justice and Equity

Gender Neutral Bathrooms Report
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This page details where and how students at Andrew Hill High School can access a gender-
neutral restroom. Andrew Hill High School is committed to expanding and protecting
opportunities for students, and to fostering an inclusive community that provides a safe and
comfortable space for all students. In accordance with district policies, we ensure that all
students are afforded the same rights, benefits, and protections. As such, Andrew Hill High
School is committed to providing all students access to a restroom facility in which student
identities are affirmed and student privacy is respected.
No student shall face discrimination, harassment, inquisition, or adverse consequences for
using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.
To access the gender-neutral bathroom at Andrew Hill High School, follow these
  • Go to the school Health Office, where the gender-neutral restroom is located (see map below).
  • To access the gender-neutral restroom, ask the school nurse, or another school staff person.
  • Importation information regarding gender-neutral restrooms at Andrew Hill:
    • Everyone, inclusive of all gender identities, may use the gender-neutral restroom.
    • If the nurse’s room or restroom is being used, then the gender-neutral restroom will be temporarily unavailable.
    • A reason for using the restroom is not required to gain access, but if a student wishes to talk to a supportive adult, the wellness staff is available.
    • Within the restroom, there is to be a notice posted regarding the rules and procedures for reporting a charge of sexual harassment, including the contact information for an appropriate school employee to contract to report a charge of sexual harassment; the rights of the reporting student, the complainant, and the respondent; and the responsibilities of the school. For more information, see Cal. Ed. Code § 231.6 and ESUHSD Board Policy 5145.7.
By July 1, 2026, Andrew Hill High School will be in full compliance of the law, Senate Bill
No. 760, summarized below:
  • Under the law, “each school district, county office of education, and charter school” will be required to have at least one gender-neutral bathroom that meets the following requirements:
    • Has signage identifying the bathroom facility as being open to all genders.
    • Is available for pupil use, consistent with the requirements of subdivision (a), as unlocked, unobstructed, easily accessible by any pupil, and consistent with existing pupil access to sex-segregated restrooms.
    • Is consistent with the requirements pursuant to Section 35292.6.
    • Is available during school hours and school functions when students are present.
    • Is stocked at all times with an adequate supply of menstrual products free of cost.
    • Has a designated staff member to serve as a point of contact in case a requirement is not being met.
    • Has a notice posted regarding the requirements of the law in a prominent and easy to see location outside at least one gender-neutral restroom, including contact information for the person designated as the point of contact.
  • A school may temporarily close a restroom as necessary
    • For a documented pupil safety concern
    • For an immediate threat to pupil safety
    • To repair the facility.

This message is brought to you by:
  • The AHHS TEA Club
  • The Social Justice/Legal Practices Pathway

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Falcon Student Voices: Stand Up Against Racial and Social Inequality
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ESUHSD seeks to address institutional racism and build equitible communities in our schools, and to offer spaces for dialogue among school staff by supporting and facilitating professional development work related to race and other challenging topics.  For more information on Board Resolution #2019/2020-42 (click here).  
This page is led by Falcon students who want to bring awareness to social challenges in the community, and a call to action.  Through the Falcon Way, students will accept and share their unique identity, background, and culture to promote positive social and emotional learning.  Below are their thoughts and voices.
Falcons fight for what's right (You Matter)
  • The death of George Floyd along with other deaths of African Americans have rekindled the fight against racial inequalities.  The efforts to establish racial equity has always been a part of Amercian history, and with persistence and determination, people of color have paved the way for their rights.  As the efforts for racial change continues, Falcons must continue to spread the message.  Have your voices heard and knowledged.  
Falcons are life-long learners and positively communicate their opinions (Actions Matter)
Falcons are actively engaged in social change (Learning Matters)