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Andrew P. Hill places a heavy emphasis upon the safety of its students and staff.  We will do everything within our authority to ensure a safe and orderly environment for all members of our educational community. All students are reminded that if they are having any difficulties with other students on campus, they are to report the problem to a teacher, advisor, or Assistant Principal in the office so the situation may be remedied before it comes to a physical confrontation.

All forms of hazing, bullying, cyber bullying, harassing or fighting or conspiracies to engage in fighting are strictly prohibited including any "gang" activity such as flashing signs or intimidation postures or large group stand offs. Acts specifically included in the above are:

  • Fighting on any school grounds, in a school vehicle or at any school sponsored activity;
  • Fights initiated at school but taking place elsewhere;
  • Fights which affect any student in the East Side Union School District;
  • Causing, attempting to cause or threatening to cause physical injury to another person;
  • Any student who transmit information between students or groups that causes or tends to cause a fight is guilty of conspiring to fight.

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Nic Giorgi, A-L
Alexcis Lara, M-Z