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Andrew Hill Clubs 2020-21
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Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Service Ms. Logan     Lunch
Anti-Bullying Social Advocacy Mr. Greene     Lunch
Arts to Hearts Service Mr. Quach     Lunch
Black Student Union (BSU) Cultural Mr. Stephon     Lunch
Creativity Activity Service Performance Mr. Winsatt     Lunch
Falcon Link Crew Service Mr. Lara     Lunch
Furtastic Paws Service        
Future Advancers of Science & Technology (FAST) STEM Mr. Allamandola     Lunch
Haze Performance Ms. Janisch     Lunch
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) STEM Ms. Winterstein Wednesday S-200 Lunch
Interact Social Advocacy Mr. Singh     Lunch
JROTC Service Col. Corbett   B-2 Lunch
Key Club Social Advocacy Ms. Downey     Lunch
Korean Fan Club (KFC) Performance Ms. Ghorashi Tuesday S202 Lunch
Latino Student Union * Social Advocacy Ms. Trujillo Thursday Library Lunch
LCF Theater Performance Mr. Williams Thursday M-2 Lunch
Math Club STEM Mr. Brashear      
Math Science Engineering Achievement (MESA) STEM Mr. Brashear & Mr. Liu Tuesday 212 Lunch
Medical Magnet STEM Ms. Dangerfield Thursday 108 Lunch
Muhusay Cultural Ms. Sabado      
Mock Trial * Performance Mr. Winsatt Wednesday Theater 3:15 PM
Multimedia Club STEM Mr. Tuohy Thursday 107 Lunch
Performance Arts Club Performance Mr. Williams   M-2 Lunch
Photo *   Ms. Taylor Wednesday 106 Lunch
Raise Social Advocacy Mr. Quach, Mr. Hill Tuesday 306 Lunch
Red Cross * Service Ms. Haertling Tuesday 305 Lunch
Robotics STEM
Ms. Handly &
Mr. Sarringhaus
Friday S101/S204 Lunch
Science STEM Mr. Allamandolap Wednesday S203 Lunch
Speech and Debate Social Advocacy Mr. Winsatt Friday   Lunch
Stadium  Religious Mr. Shih Tuesday S201 Lunch
Tempest Performance Ms. Ramirez Wednesday S104 Lunch
Theater Performance Mr. Winsatt      
Social Advocacy Mr. Stephon Taylor      
UNICEF Social Advocacy Ms. Shrestha Wednesday 211 Lunch
Vegan Density Social Advocacy Ms. Downey Wednesday 120 Lunch
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Cultural Mr. Dinh Friday 205 Lunch
Wellness, Integrity, Nurture, Growth, Student (WINGS) Social Advocacy Ms. Correa Monday C204 Lunch
Yearbook Club Service Ms. Baribeau      
* Clubs not active this school year.