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Parking Policy

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Students who park on school property will be required to obtain a parking parking tag.  Only cars with parking tags are allowed to park on school property in posted student parking lots. The posted student parking lots are located on Senter Road near the two story C-building and softball field.

Failure to obey the following regulations or falsifying any information will result in the withdrawal of parking privileges, and additional disciplinary actions will be assessed, as prescribed in the East Side Union High School District Discipline Code:

  • Parking in unauthorized areas on school property will result in detentions and eventual loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year. 
  • Parking in faculty/staff assigned lots, parking on school property without a permit, or parking with an unregistered vehicle will result in consequences such as detention, Saturday School, loss of parking privileges and when necessary, towing at the owner’s expense.

The issuance of a permit allows a student ONE parking spot.  All students who accept the Andrew P. Hill High School Parking Permit understand that the issuance of the parking permit is subject to following the rules and regulations during the school year.

Only one permit per student will be issued.  Students who lose their original tag will be charged $5 for a replacement, if available.

For more details, click on the link here --> Andrew P. Hill Student Parking Permit Registration Form